The Great Destroyer
Ferman Drive (NGCA)   Ferman Drive            

2003-2005 | single screen video | 1 min 20 sec loop
Installation view: Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art
Photo credit: Colin Davison

Thinking the Unthinkable. - or Against Nature
by Alistair Robinson
Peril, Glee
by John Massier

Interview with Otino Corsano
for the exhibition Free Sample

Ferman Drive is a simple tracking shot, taken from the window of a car easing down the gentle slope of an archetypal suburban street. Almost nothing remarkable happens until the very end, at which point the video turns from documentary to magic realism: blurring fact and fiction, memory and documentary - leaving us uncertain how to 'believe our eyes'. Loaded with double-meanings, it is impossible to read it as playful and absurd without seeing it as macabre. Ferman Drive is the result of an extraordinarily labour intensive process which involved well over a thousand hours of video editing.