dgital video, 00:01:20, 2005

Thinking the Unthinkable. - or Against Nature
by Alistair Robinson
Peril, Glee
by John Massier

Interview with Otino Corsano
for the exhibition Free Sample

Ferman Drive is a simple tracking shot, taken from the window of a car easing down the gentle slope of an archetypal suburban street. Almost nothing remarkable happens until the very end, at which point the video turns from documentary to magic realism: blurring fact and fiction, memory and documentary - leaving us uncertain how to 'believe our eyes'. Loaded with double-meanings, it is impossible to read the work as plausible without seeing it as preposterous, to read it as playful and absurd without seeing it as macabre. Ferman Drive is the result of an extraordinarily labour-intensive process which involved well over a thousand hours of video editing.