WAGONS ROLL (The Remake)
digital video, 2003 | 2007

Kelly Richardson: The Radiant Real
by David Jager

Peril, Glee
by John Massier
Gwangju Biennale 2004: The work of Kelly Richardson

by Beverly Shapiro
The Future Perfect: Genealogies of the Film-still
by Robert Bean


Kelly Richardson in conversation with Kelly Gordon at the Hirshhorn Museum

A car hangs portentously in midair, arresting a clichéd mini-climax in an action movie. The viewer can only guess as to what events led to its peculiar suspension, likewise they have no idea if it will ever plummet to the earth below, but in this “in-between” state lies an uneasy calm.

Wagons Roll
was originally produced in 2003. Wagons Roll (The Remake), an animated version of its former incarnation, was completed in September, 2007. Wagons Roll (The Remake) was recently included in the Sundance Film Festival's New Frontiers exhibition alongside Exiles of the Shattered Star andTwilight Avenger from January 15-25, 2009.